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Inspire Pro "The Quick And The Dead" Preview

In a matter of months, INSPIRE PRO has grown exponentially, showcasing the best pro wrestling talent in the state of Texas and beyond. On October 13th, INSPIRE PRO returns to the Marchesa Hall & Theater in Austin, Texas for THE QUICK AND THE DEAD – another card full of over-the-top-tier action, where any given match could steal the show! Here’s a preview of our upcoming card:

The Pump Patrol (AJ Summers & Jared Wayne) vs. Reign Or Shine (Alex Reigns & Moonshine Mantell)
The Pump Patrol return to tag action at THE QUICK AND THE DEAD, and have once again vowed to perform a “flexorcism” on the fatties of Austin. However, if they thought last month was a challenge, they face an Everest-like climb against the debuting Reign Or Shine -- a team composed of “Untouchable” Alex Reigns and Moonshine Mantell. This combo has already proven to be a formidable force throughout the Southern U.S., and they’ve let it be known to the Inspire office that they aren’t here to mess around. When asked how Pump Patrol was preparing for their upcoming match against Reign or Shine, Jared Wayne said, "Prepare? Prepare isn't what you do before a show! Prepared is what you ARE. 'Ready' isn't momentary, 'ready' is a lifestyle. Cut the fat, push the weights, lift the roof off the building! We don't prepare! We LIVE PREPARED!"

 “Old School” Houston Carson vs. Scotty Santiago
The question has been posed, does the building exist if Houston Carson has yet to enter? According to Carson, no it does not. The man finally makes his Inspire Pro debut this month after a long wait, and in that time he’s been vocal about his potential importance to the promotion. Simply put: “Inspire Pro does not matter until I’m there.” Carson’s been otherwise tight-lipped, though smug regarding what he has in store for us, but we’re certain he intends to become an impact player in our title scene. Also making his Inspire debut is Funaki Dojo student Scotty Santiago. Santiago is very evidently an underdog against the classically proportioned Carson, and he is eager to make the most of this opportunity. What one man may view as mere formality may be viewed as pure war by another. Santiago said, “I’m not taking this lightly. I’m not there to just ‘try and’ do my best. I’m going there to leave Carson on his back.”

Thomas Shire vs. Cherry Ramons
Back by popular demand, the sensational Cherry Ramons returns to Inspire Pro, this time in singles action. He will face Thomas Shire, a man who held his own against the mysterious Great Depression at WIRED FOR WAR. It was a bitter technical loss for this up-and-comer, which he is hardly willing to accept. Back in July, Cherry managed to surprise the Inspire office with his in-ring ability, and insider expectations are that this could be a breakout match on the card. In fact, Inspire Owner Josh Montgomery personally lobbied for this match, and when asked why, he screamed, “Cherry Ramons is what is best for business!” Let’s hope Cherry’s flamboyance doesn’t encourage Thomas Shire to let his guard down. Gentlemen, bring your A-games!

“The Cowboy” James Claxton vs. The Great Depression
At WIRED FOR WAR, The Great Depression unleashed the vicious side buried within him, refusing to release a claw to the eye of Thomas Shire. While most might feel a pang of reluctance at the idea of wrestling with such a mean streak, James Claxton is no ordinary man, and what might seem terrifying to most seems like a good time to him. Indeed, it was James Claxton himself that requested this encounter, claiming that he wants to show the much younger Thomas Shire how to handle himself. Since arriving on the scene, popular opinion has been that Shire – a student of the legendary Dory Funk Jr. – has the potential to be one of the best big men this state has ever seen. Claxton recently stated that while Shire has the size and strength, he hasn’t quite learned how to tie it all together. Claxton has decided to make an example out of Depression. However, the limits of this beast have not thoroughly been tested. This may be a job easier said than done for Claxton. Good luck, Cowboy!

“Unholy” Greg James, Morbidus & Blasphemer vs. Erick Shadows, Jodan & Downfall
Back in July, Inspire hosted a defense of the NWA Revolution Grand Warrior title, which exceeded everyone’s expectations and sent fans clamoring for their return. This October, Erick Shadows, Downfall, and Jodan return to the Inspire ring for Trios action against Team LEGION, captained by “Unholy” Greg James. Also joining Greg will be mist-spewing Morbidus, who accompanied him at the WIRED FOR WAR event. James has vowed that there will be a new disciple at THE QUICK AND THE DEAD to round out his unholy trinity – an entity whom he has referred to simply as “Blasphemer.” What can we expect? While James and company may cut an imposing image, the youngsters from McAllen possess more than enough ability to compete.

Bolt Brady & Barrett Brown vs. The Dagger Brothers (Kevin & Mike Dagger)
The tag team division in Inspire Pro is beginning to heat up, and every team is looking to establish themselves as early as possible. Kevin and Mike Dagger gained a victory last month in the first ever Inspire Pro tag team match, showing a great amount of teamwork and synchronicity. However, they face a tough challenge on October 13th at the hands of “The Supercharged Superstar” Bolt Brady and “The Chosen One” Barrett Brown. Though they are teaming for the first time, these two young athletes have already established themselves amongst some of the best in Texas, and could be a force to be reckoned. On their own, Brady and Brown are potential best in Texas candidates, but if chemistry clicks as a team, the Daggers might be in trouble.

Ray “Death” Rowe vs. “The Infamous” Shawn Vexx
The long and short of this match is simple: it’s going to get savage. To those who know them, the notion of redemption for either of these men seems unnecessary. When your honor is made of iron, there is virtually no loss that can tarnish your legacy. Nevertheless, both men have something personal to prove to themselves on October 13th in what some have called a Texas Dream Match. In this Strong-Style battle, both men will inevitably take it to the limit to avenge their losses at WIRED FOR WAR. No matter what, respect will be had, but there can be only one clear winner.

Street Fight: “The Mind Of Wrestling” JT Lamotta vs. “Dirty” Andy Dalton
Andy Dalton and JT LaMotta have traveled roads together for over a decade now. Their rivalry and eventual team ups have been the stuff that legends are made of. At WIRED FOR WAR, Dalton decided to make an impact in Jordan Jensen’s match against LaMotta, and he may have set off a powder keg in the process. While the Mind of Wrestling may be retired from in-ring action, with his last match already having passed, LaMotta has warned Dalton that it doesn’t mean he isn’t up for a good fight. This prompted Dalton to one last dance. LaMotta has accepted, and so, at our QUICK AND THE DEAD EVENT, the two will square off in an old-fashioned STREET FIGHT. Just how dirty will Andy Dalton get? Meanwhile, LaMotta seems less interested in wins and losses, and more interested in doling out a beating. And at the center of it all, the man responsible for training both of these competitors has agreed to referee the match. While this is a fitting final chapter in JT LaMotta’s legacy of walking tall, it’s hard to speculate just how this will end.

“The Heaviest Sumo In The Land” JoJo Bravo vs. “The Essence Of Excellence” Robert Evans
Many contest that JoJo Bravo may be the most beloved wrestler in the state of Texas. It is his humor and moxie which have endeared him to the vast majority of fans who’ve witnessed him perform. But Bravo never fails to back his rapier-like wit with a distinct and exciting style. Bravo is what many might call a student of the game, marrying many details from a diverse batch of influences into a singularly great presence. But in this realm which Bravo now presides over, there once was a man of similar quality. Of course, we speak of none other than the “Essence of Excellence” himself, ROBERT EVANS! While neither man is alien to the other, Bravo’s meteoric rise has virtually banished the shadow of Evans. On October 13th, however Evans will return from his adventures abroad to remind us why he will always be our Excellency. October’s QUICK AND THE DEAD lineup is already staggered with a great number of potential show-stealing matches, and this first-time meeting between these two larger than life entities is bound to wow. Who will stand tall at the end of all? Will Evans reinforce his shadow over this great state, or will JoJo force him to bow to his successor?

Inspire Pro Championship Semi-Finals: Scot Summers vs. “Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Jordan Jensen
There is one slot left in the Championship Final three-way, which will crown the first Inspire Pro champion. Davey Vega and Mike Dell fill the first two spots, and on October 13th we will find out who will join them. At our WIRED FOR WAR event, Scot Summers advanced to October’s semi-final round after an absolute war against Ray Rowe.  “Absolute” Ricky Starks overcame both Barrett Brown and Shawn Vexx in a single night to join Summers. Lastly, Jordan Jensen squeaked by with a questionable victory over JT LaMotta to earn the third and final spot. Only ONE of these competitors will move on to join both Dell and Vega in the final for the gold.

Tickets for Inspire Pro’s “The Quick And The Dead” are only $12 each and can be purchased at the PayPal link below, or at the Marchesa Hall & Theater the day of the show. We accept both CASH and CREDIT CARD. Doors open at 5:30pm with a 6pm bell time. There is a full bar with alcohol and beer, along with a few concessions. PLUS, parking is abundant, near, and free. While the card promises top-notch wrestling action, there is no better venue to experience professional wrestling in Austin than the Marchesa Hall & Theater. We hope to see you there!


Saturday, September 7, 2013


On September 1st, Inspire Pro returned to the Marchesa Theater with WIRED FOR WAR – an event which matched the company’s debut show in its number of surprises, breakouts, and shocking moments. After only two shows, Inspire Pro has left its mark on the Texas wrestling scene, and has fans looking toward a bright horizon.

Check out the results from the WIRED FOR WAR event here.

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Kyle
At last month’s THE BEGINNING event, Jordan Jensen stormed the ring following JoJo Bravo’s victory over Alex Reigns, and dealt a vicious beating to his former tag team partner, which was thwarted by Chairman Greg Symonds. Before WIRED FOR WAR could even start, Jensen invaded the ring and immediately called out JoJo. Instead, he got Chairman Symonds.

Symonds cut Jordan a deal. If Jensen could defeat an opponent of his choosing, he would earn himself a contract, but would be permanently banned if he were to lose. Jordan added one stipulation before accepting: if he won, not only would he get a contract, but he would also be placed in Championship semi-final match at the next show.

It was then revealed that Jensen would have to go through none other than “The Mind Of Wrestling” JT LaMotta. Jensen mounted spurts of offense throughout, but it seemed as if the more seasoned veteran Lamotta would keep Jensen off the roster. That was until long-time rival of LaMotta’s, “Dirty” Andy Dalton distracted Lamotta enough for Jensen to hit a flash stunner and score a pin. While Jensen is now officially an Inspire player, he and Dalton don’t appear to be making enemies fast.

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Kyle
People were eager to see how The Great Depression would stack up against a larger opponent following his victory over Jeff Gant back in July. This month, the masked giant locked up with prized Dory Funk Jr. student, Thomas Shire, and the results were a little… weird.

Depression has established a dominate streak with this matchup, as the mysterious Penny Arcade continues to pull the puppet strings. Shire attempted to mount a comeback late in the game, landing a flurry of offense on the brute. However, Depression locked on a deep Von Erich claw, which dug into the eye of Thomas Shire, forcing the referee to stop the match and award it to The Great Depression.

Post-match, Shire was clearly irate over the official decision, but thankfully “One Man” Mike Dell left the commentary table to talk him down. Shire will return to Inspire Pro action in October with a lot to prove.

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Kyle
History was made as tag team wrestling was put on display for the first time in Inspire. Out first were the duo of AJ Summers and Jared Wayne – the self-proclaimed Pump Patrol, on a mission to save the “fatties of Austin” from themselves. Ironically, for a pair of guys who praise the virtue of hard work in the gym, their attempted short cut in the ring eventually cost them the match against Puerto Rico’s Dagger Brothers. While both teams demonstrated great inner-team chemistry for the duration of the match, Wayne attempted to blind his opponent with a handful of protein powder, which accidentally blinded his partner, Summers. Mike Dagger capitalized by locking in a Sharpshooter for the submission victory.

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Kyle
Dangerous, young upstart Barrett Brown was originally scheduled to face Jaykus Plisken at WIRED FOR WAR, but due to personal reasons Jaykus was unable to compete, leaving Brown without an opponent. Chairman Symonds invited Brown to the ring to address the situation. Instead, Barrett expressed he had something to get off his chest.

Last month, Ricky Starks had made the claim that Championship finalist Davey Vega didn’t deserve his spot in the main event. Brown expressed that if anybody’s ability ought to be in question, it’s Starks’. Never short on words, Starks in his own unique way declared Brown to be overrated.

Symonds quickly decided that he would give both men the opportunity to ultimately prove their opinions in the ring. Symonds also added the stipulation that if Starks lost, his opportunity to face Shawn Vexx later that evening in a qualifying match in the Inspire Pro Championship Tournament would go to Brown.

This led to a hard fought, spirited contest by both men, which saw Ricky Starks able to cement himself over Barrett Brown, earning his match later in the evening against Shawn Vexx.

The returning Greg James’ absolute war with Andy Dalton at our THE BEGINNING event made cemented the fact that “The Unholy One” is a man to keep your eye on. However, the questions surrounding Greg’s newfound darkness only thickened at WIRED FOR WAR when a hooded man known Morbidus accompanied him to the ring.

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Kyle
The unholy one once again unleashed a vicious onslaught, but Jeff Gant mounted a comeback, showing a great deal of heart, tenacity and innovation. Though, those traits did not prove to be enough as James usurped Gant with his signature butterfly neckbreaker.

As Gant offered a handshake as a show of respect, Morbidus removed his hood to reveal a familiar face. Morbidus immediately hit Gant with a black mist, followed by a shining wizard, and finally a brutal running knee to the face, which knocked the youngest gun out cold. Afterward, the duo carried Gant out of the building in a ritualistic fashion. What does this mean for Jeff Gant and what more can we expect from “Unholy” Gregory James and Morbidus?

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Kyle
Two of Texas’ top heavy hitters were looking for redemption following losses at our July event. It seemed as if this newfound alliance with Jordan Jensen would prove to be a factor in the early going. However, Jensen thought better of angering “The Cowboy” and soon retreated to commentary. Claxton and Dalton would brutalize each other throughout the entire encounter, but a well-placed cowboy boot to the head of Dalton would signal victory for James Claxton, making up for his previous loss. Dalton, on the other hand, will have to go back to the drawing board.

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Kyle
This was a clash between two of the best wrestlers in the state of Texas, and the brutality that these two warriors brought overshot expectations. Inspire Pro knew that nothing would contain these two, therefore the match was deemed a “Full Contact” match, meaning all striking was legal. Both exchanged shot after shot, with neither man being able to put the other away. Rowe took a brainbuster from Summers, while Summers suffered Ray’s signature “Death Rowe” maneuver, but neither man would say “die.” The violence escalated when Summers power slammed Rowe onto a pile of chairs on the ring steps, rendering Rowe unable to answer to the referee’s 20-count.

Afterwards, Summers’ victory was rudely interrupted by Mr. Sistine and his personal assistant, with some fashion advice. That was until these two competitors were able to put their differences aside long enough to put these fashionistas down with their respective finishers. Afterward, Scot took the mic and thanked Ray Rowe for a match that pushed it to the limits. Ray Rowe responded by thanking Scot for the war.

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Kyle
Ricky Starks wrestled for the second time of the night following Rowe/Summers, and the prevalent opinion was that the young competitor might be too spent to effectively compete against multi-time Texas heavyweight champion Shawn Vexx. Ricky looked decidedly less playful as he made his entrance, and that same attitude carried over into the ring. With the winner advancing on to the Championship semi-finals, both competitors refused to underestimate each other.

At one point, Vexx had Starks pinned, and was a milli-second away from advancing. However, in the last quarter second, Starks had enough drive to get his foot up on the rope.  The match resumed, with Starks receiving a battery of maneuvers from the classic Vexx catalog, including the “East Boogie Driver.” However, after another valiant kick out, Ricky scored with the “Absolute Driver”, sending him into next month’s three-way against both Scot Summers and Jordan Jensen.

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Kyle
In the main event, three evenly matched competitors gave it their all in the hopes to gain a spot alongside Davey Vega and one other in the historical match that will crown the first Inspire Pro Champion. This bout could have gone a multitude of ways, however Bolt Brady would face the first elimination after taking Mike Dell’s signature “Dell-bow” following a superplex on JoJo Bravo. It then came down to Bravo and Dell, and it was another “Dell-bow” directly to the heart of “The Heaviest Sumo” that stopped Bravo’s chances and put Mike Dell even further down the path to championship glory.

However, as Mike Dell thanked both Brady and Bravo for the competition, the new filthy duo of Jordan Jensen and Andy Dalton emerged to put a beat down on the two spent competitors. That was until JT LaMotta returned to make the save, chasing off Andy Dalton, the man who cost him victory earlier in the evening. LaMotta would then call out Dalton, stating that while his career was coming to an end soon, he is always up for a fight. The challenge has been laid to Dalton.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Inspire Pro September 1st Preview

Mark your calendars because Inspire Pro returns to the Marchesa Theater on September 1st for more great pro wrestling action. We have for you the full rundown of the stacked card, including the special bonus match that is sure to blow the roof off of the Marchesa.

TAG TEAM MATCH: The Pump Patrol (AJ Summers & Jared Wayne) vs. The Dagger Brothers (Kevin & Mike Dagger)
You wanted tag team wrestling? Well, that is exactly what you are going to get come September 1st! The Puerto Rico-based Dagger Brothers make their Inspire Pro debuts, and they are dead set on making an impact. Kevin and Mike Dagger will contest the self-proclaimed “Pump Patrol,” comprised of “Brooklyn’s Finest” AJ Summers and “The Maverick” Jared Wayne. Wayne made an impressive splash in last month’s 4-Way Scramble, a match that AJ Summers was originally scheduled to compete in as well. Due to an injury sustained while training, Summers was taken out of the contest. Now cleared to compete come September 1st, Summers will be looking to make an impression. Can Summers and Wayne work together, or will the bond of blood overcome them?

The Great Depression w/ Penny Arcade vs. Thomas Shire
On July 7th, the mystery surrounding The Great Depression was finally revealed when he stepped through the curtain. However, the limits of this hooded monster still remain in question when he took on and defeated an injured Jeff Gant. More will be revealed on September 1st when The Great Depression squares off with Thomas Shire, a man with a bit more size and an impressive resume. What will happen when Penny Arcade sicks her beast on a former All Japan competitor and student of Dory Funk?

Jeffrey Gant vs. “Unholy” Gregory James
Speaking of Jeff Gant, the man who calls himself “The Youngest Gun” will compete against a man does not possess the size advantage of The Depression, though that doesn’t mean he poses any less of a challenge. “Unholy” Gregory James made his dark presence known with a hard-hitting victory over Andy Dalton back in July, and it seems as if this is just the beginning. Can Jeff come back stronger than before or will the Unholy One punish him for all of his sins?

“Untouchable” Alex Reigns vs. Chris Cross
Two athletes that were relatively unknown to Austin, Texas made a huge impression at “The Beginning”. Chris Cross gained a huge win over student of Davey Richards, Darren Dean, while “Untouchable” Alex Reigns came within inches of defeating JoJo Bravo. Unfortunately, Reigns arrogance got in the way when he decided to punish Bravo rather than put him away when he had the opportunity. Will Chris Cross develop a winning streak in Inspire, or can Alex Reigns amend the mistake that cost him the spot Bravo won in the Inspire Championship Semi Finals?

“Dirty” Andy Dalton vs. “The Cowboy” James Claxton
Two heavy hitters will collide when “The Cowboy” James Claxton squares off with “Dirty” Andy Dalton. Both men impressed at the debut Inspire event, but also suffered loses. Neither man is looking to get on a losing streak, and they will do everything in their power to keep that from happening. This match is sure to be an absolute war, but who will emerge victorious?

"Absolute" Ricky Starks vs. "The Infamous" Shawn Vexx
Back in July, Shawn Vexx missed his opportunity to break into the Inspire Championship Semi Finals when he missed his qualifier due to travel problems. Vexx being a man of integrity immediately signed to appear on our September 1st card against "Absolute" Ricky Starks. Vexx later appealed to Chairman Greg Symonds for another shot to advance into the Semi Finals, and it was granted. Fortunately, for Ricky Starks, that means he will also get a second chance at entering the Championship tournament by proxy. Starks lost his qualifying match to Bolt Brady after he refused to break a hold by the referee's five-count back in July, and he's been stewing since. But will he be able to control his temper this time? Which man will take this chance and run with it, earning a golden ticket to October's three-way on the road to crowning the first Inspire Pro Champion?

BONUS MATCH: "Showtime" Scot Summers vs. "The Man With The Killer Instinct" Ray Rowe
If you follow us on our various social media sites, you know that we promised a special bonus match for September 1st, as a gift to all of you for the wait in between shows. Well, the paperwork has been signed, and we are excited to announce that two of Texas’s top stars will go head to head, in a match that could main event any show in the state, if not the country. These two have met in singles competition only once previously, and it was a match that ended in disqualification. No true winner was crowned and there was still the question of who the better man was.  On September 1st, we find out. It’ll be “Showtime” Scot Summers vs. “The Man With The Killer Instinct” Ray Rowe. This match has also been designated as a QUALIFIER in the hunt to determine Inspire Pro’s FIRST Champion, with the winner going on to the next show’s Semi Final Three-Way dance.

INSPIRE PRO CHAMPIONSHIP SEMI FINALS: “One Man” Mike Dell vs. “The Heaviest Sumo In The Land” JoJo Bravo vs. “The Supercharged Superstar” Bolt Brady
At Inspire Pro’s inaugural event, Davey Vega cemented his spot in Inspire Pro Championship Final three-way match which will determine our champion. Three other men earned spots for September 1st’s three-way semi final. All three men are fan favorites with one intention in mind: to achieve greatness. Will Mike Dell live up to the impact that he made with his shocking reveal at our last event? Can Bolt Brady prove the naysayers who feel he advanced solely on a DQ wrong? Does JoJo Bravo have the drive, focus & skill to reach that next level? They all have the chance, but only one will join Davey Vega in the Championship Finals.

It all goes down, Sunday September 1st at the Marchesa Theater on 6226 Middle Fiskville Road in Austin, Texas. Bell time is at 6PM and tickets are $10 and can be picked up at the door on the day of the event. We accept both cash and credit. Tickets may also be purchased at the following PayPal link and are will call only.

9.1.13 Inspire GA Ticket