Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Inspire Pro "The Beginning": Results

The show began as ring announcer Brandon Stroud introduced the audience to the acting commissioner for Inspire Pro, none other than “Solid Gold” Greg Symonds. Greg thanked everyone for attending and noted how he has seen a locker room full of passionate, hungry talent looking to impress & inspire. A great ovation was given for Symonds as we kicked off “The Beginning” of Inspire Pro.

4-Way Scramble Match For A Spot In The Three-Way Main Event Of The Next Show: VOID (“One Man” Mike Dell) def. “The Cowboy” James Claxton, “Texas Maverick” Jared Wayne & “American Viking” Alexander Rudolph

In the debut match for Inspire Pro, 4 men collided with one intention, and that was to capture a spot in the next three-way dance on the road to crowning the first Inspire Pro champion. The two giants, Claxton and Rudolph squared off in the early goings, with both men showing that they would not back down from either man. Wayne decided to pick his spots, which led to very mixed results for the “Texas Maverick”. But, it was the mystery man simply known as VOID that shocked the audience, by picking up the victory over Claxton with a Top Rope Elbow Drop. And in a shocking turn of events, VOID would unmask post match to reveal himself to be, none other than, “One Man” Mike Dell of all people. Dell soaked up the adulation of the crowd as he earned an opportunity to catapult himself up the ranks of Inspire Pro, advancing to next show’s main event.

The Great Depression w/ Penny Arcade def. Jeff Gant

Little was known about the man known only as The Great Depression going into this event. And when he was finally revealed, not many knew what to think. Flanked by Penny Arcade, the mysterious masked entity truly turned heads in this match with Jeff Gant. With Gant’s injured ribs as a direct target, The Great Depression made short work of the self proclaimed “Youngest Gun”, and made the crowd witnesses to the destruction that he can cause.

4-Way Scramble Match for the NWA Wrestling Revolution Grand Warrior Championship: Erick Shadows © def. Jodan, Downfall & Cherry Ramones

Four top names from the NWA Wrestling Revolution promotion had the opportunity to showcase what they could do on a brand new stage, in front of a brand new audience, and to the pleasant surprise of everyone in attendance, they did not disappoint. With his “Grand Warrior Championship” up for grabs, Erick Shadows had a tough test ahead of him, but even with the odds against him, Shadows obtained victory and left Austin with both his title and some brand new fans. But it seems as if everyone in this contest made an impression, so who’s to say there won’t be more opportunities for them to come?

Chris Cross def. Darren Dean

Two young up-and-comers from different parts of the nation collided in a very technically sound battle, as the young but skilled Chris Cross took on Davey Richards student & mentee, Darren Dean. The fresh faces to the Austin, Texas impressed immensely, with Dean staying on top of Cross with a series of kicks and wear down holds for the majority of the match. But with a fire lit underneath him and a quick pin, Cross was able to put Dean’s shoulders to the mat for a three count, giving him some momentum going forward in Inspire Pro.

For A Spot In The Three-Way Main Event Of The Next Show: JoJo Bravo def. “Untouchable” Alex Reigns

Two competitors with very contrasting styles & attitudes put on a clinic in the second match to determine spots for the main event of next show. Reigns spent the match working both the back and arm of Bravo in an attempt to ground this high flyer. But JoJo Bravo would not be denied and went on to come back & defeat the man who claims to be “Untouchable”.

However, shockingly after the match an intruding Jordan Jensen, who has had a documented history with Bravo, jumped JoJo. Most believed that was a positive history, but Jensen had very cruel intentions in mind, attempting to handcuff JoJo Bravo to the ring rope. Luckily, Commissioner Greg Symonds stopped the incident from escalating and Jordan Jensen fled the building. What was the reason for this attack and what else does Jensen have in store?

For A Spot In The Three-Way Main Event Of The Next Show: Bolt Brady def. “Absolute” Ricky Starks by Disqualification

As our Inspire Pro CEO Justin Bissonnette was in the ring thanking everyone who made the event possible, he was crudely interrupted by Starks, who had the goal in mind not just to put the attention on him, but to insinuate that Davey Vega did not deserve the opportunity he had in the main event later in the evening. Vega did not take kindly to that, telling Starks that if he thought he was better, he should prove it. Starks had just that opportunity against one Bolt Brady, who wanted to gain a spot in next show’s main event three way just as much as his counterpart. These two athletes hit each other with everything they had, with no man able to put the other away. Ricky’s frustration at this fact seemed to have gotten the best of him, as he would not release an STF as Brady had his hand on the ropes, causing the disqualification. Bolt Brady will continue his journey to the title, but it was Starks who got the last word, clobbering Brady post match. The question is, what does Ricky Starks’s future hold in Inspire?

“Unholy” Gregory James def. “Dirty” Andy Dalton

Austin, Texas bore witness to a very different side to Gregory James on Sunday. What James referred to as “Unholy” was much darker and demented than days of old, but it was also more determined. He squared off with the king of dirt, Andy Dalton, who quickly evoked a disdain from the Inspire Pro audience. Both men zoned in for the kill and delivered some stiff shots and kicks throughout. But in the end, James put a nail in Dalton’s coffin with a Butterfly Neckbreaker. Is this but the start of a streak for the now certifiably insane Gregory James?

Winner Advances To The Inspire Pro Championship Match: Davey Vega def. “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor & ACH

In the contest that everyone was waiting for, Taylor, Vega and ACH tore the roof off of the Marchesa Theater with this spectacular contest. All three men had something to prove over one another, and they unleashed everything in their arsenal to show why they are one of the top independent wrestlers on the scene today. ACH suffered a devastating elimination thanks to the debuting “Kentucky Gentleman” and a handful of tights, leaving it down to Vega and Taylor. And after a spirited contest, with a counter from Taylor’s signature Awful Waffle into his signature V-8, Vega achieved victory, not only furthering his journey to becoming the first Inspire Pro champion, but getting a win over two men who Vega hopes to match in success in a year or two. From the way it looks, Vega may do just that.

So things are set in place for September 1st, as Mike Dell, JoJo Bravo and Bolt Brady face off in the main event on the road to crown the first Inspire Pro Champion. Who will join Davey Vega in that final three way? You’ll have to join us at the Marchesa Theater to find out!

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